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King Invest Solutions, Inc.


Don't Wait For Opportunity -

Create It!

King Invest Solutions is an independent consulting firm that provides customized resources to public, individuals and corporate entities. We are superior in our ability to provide proactive confidential advice and tailored solutions to your real estate and investment needs. We know every client has unique demands, and we focus our energies in helping each one achieve their specific financial goals. We deliver what we believe to be leading industry services, while maintaining our core principles of Integrity, Innovation, and Growth. 

King Invest Solutions motto is, "Creating Wealth from the Inside Out." Schedule a consultation TODAY & let us help you create your opportunity! 

We Can Counsel & Assist You With:

  • Residential & Commercial Financing

  • Business Funding

  • Personal Lines of Credit

  • Capital Procurement


Business Information


2150 S Canalport Ave | Suite 3A-6

Chicago, IL, 60608 | USA

Phone: 312-526-3969

Fax: 708-575-6871